Questions and answers

Compression stockings? I have varicose veins. My legs ache and are swollen.
Will compression stockings really help?

  • Vascular stockings may help the symptoms and will definitely help the swelling. Stocking are a good first treatment for varicose veins.

Surgery? I have very big and small varicose veins. The doctor said I must have surgery.
What do you recommend?

  • No one “must have surgery” for varicose veins. Surgery has been an option for over 100 years. Over the past 15 to 20 years specialists are abandoning surgery in favor of the newer, non-surgical treatments.

Costs? O know that I need to do something with my veins. How much would
it cost to have treatment at your clinic?

  • Good question but impossible to answer here. We ask new patients to come for a consultation. We will ask some questions, examine your legs and do a quick look with ultrasound to make an initial diagnosis. Some conditions are not treatable. If you are not treatable, we will suggest some management techniques that might be helpful.
    If you have “small”, visible on the surface veins, we will estimate the number of treatments you will need and how much it would cost. If you have larger and hidden varicose veins, which are often treated surgically, you will be asked to return in order to do more detailed ultrasound diagnostic “vein map”. This careful diagnosis is essential to determine suitable and effective treatment. The cost for that examination will be explained before you make an appointment. Finally, based on the “map”, we will suggest treatment options suited for you and explain how much available option would cost.

Leg ulcer? My mother has big ulcer for over 20 years. My grandmother had the same thing. We think the veins are causing it. Her doctor keeps scraping it with a scalpel and giving her antibiotics but it is not healing at all. Do you think her ulcer is caused by her veins?

  • Most leg ulcers are caused by varicose veins and run in families. However, they can develop from damage to a deep vein. Deep vein damage is often the result of blood clots and those ulcers are difficult to heal. Antibiotics and scraping, as you know, are not very helpful. Ultrasound “vein mapping” can determine the cause of the ulcer. If it is from varicose veins inly, a cure is very likely with appropriate vein treatment. Most leg ulcers are from simple varicose veins.

Pain? My legs just ache at the end of the day. I can hardly do anything
but put my legs up. Could this be from veins?

  • Yes. A consultation including the “quick-look ultrasound” can help us to answer that question.

Leg rash? I have a rash on the side of my leg. Sometimes the itching is terrible.
Could that be from my veins?

  • Yes. It is probably “stasis dermatitis”, a condition caused by veins and a problem that goes away when the veins are appropriately treated.